Residential Park Sofia is the second major project of the Lindner Group in Bulgaria. It is a large-scale residential development, designed as an enclosed neighbourhood – the first of its kind and scale in Bulgaria.

The complex is including a variety of multi-family, single-family and row houses, its own park, commercial area and office areas.

“Residential Park Sofia” embodies the idea of a “city within a city”, where people live, work, rest and do sports in one place.  It was designed and built, basing on the idea for the perfect families’ surroundings. Combines convenient and safe living environment, comfortable workplace and natural closeness to the nature.

Residential Park Sofia is located in the southernmost part of Sofia, at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, close to Business Park Sofia.

“Sofia Park” - the administrative name of the complex.




The project started in 2005 with its Phase 1 consisting of about 380 residential units in the residential and commercial areas. The complex includes a variety of small and large apartments in multi-family, single-family and row houses, commercial area and office space. To provide complete comfort and convenience to our residents, the complex offers its own park, a football field, a children’s playground and a barbecue, as well as numerous recreation and relaxation areas.Hence, the complex combines a convenient and safe living environment, comfortable workplace and closeness to the nature.
In 2010, Residential Park Sofia was honored in the category Residential Buildings as “Building of the Year”, one of the most prestigious architectural competition in Bulgaria.

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Safety and comfort is of utmost importance at Residential Park Sofia. Well thought-out infrastructure and professional Facility Management Services ensure the environment being maintained and cleaned all the time. Additionally, with those services the necessary conditions for a unique community lifestyle are settled. The nicely arranged residential neighborhoods are complemented by the Commercial area, and the office spaces in Sofia Park.

The Commercial area with its 3400 square metres. of commercial space is an attractive destination. It is designed for attendance of the individuals that work or live in Sofia Park. The distribution of the buildings is simplified and functional. They are situated within the unique landscape in the foot of Vitosha Mountain. 

The Commercial area offers an one-of-a-kind combination of service: restaurants and cafes, supermarket, dental office, dermatology, dry cleaners, sport and recreation facilities such as swimming pool, fitness rooms, massages therapy and sauna, a full-time kindergarten.

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Phase 2 of Residential Park Sofia is an extension of the existing residential complex. It has 6 multifamily houses with 36 apartments and 19 single family houses,a children’s playground, barbecue area and outdoor fitness. To relieve traffic and for the convenience of residents, Phase 2 has an additional separate entrance to the complex.

Phase 2 was put into exploitation at the end of 2016. 2017 Phase 2 it has received the award in the category "Residential complexes with multifamily houses” of the national competition "Building of the year 2017". 

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Phase 3A of Residential Park Sofia represents the third stage of the implementation of the existing residential complex. It consists of 18 single-family houses 1 multi-family house with 12 apartments and was put into exploitation in the beginning of 2019.

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Phase 3B of Residential Park Sofia complements the residential complex with 7 more single-family and 8 multi-family residential buildings consisting of 7 to 10 apartments, including penthouses. There is also a sports area, which will include a football pitch and a basketball court.
On the 11th of October 2017 took place the Groundbreaking of the site. The construction works were finished at the end of 2020.

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Phase 3C is an extension to the existing complex, which envisages the construction of a three-storey multifamily residential building with apartments. The building consists of 6 separate entrances with one common underground level for parking spaces. Around the building there are individual courtyards to the apartments on the ground floor, and the free yard is richly landscaped.

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The high quality of embedded materials and precision of execution make the complex a unique residential environment. Due to its functional and well thought out infrastructure, excellent location and professional management, Residence Park Sofia is easily accessible and guarantees safety, comfort and a high standard of living for the whole family.