The home

Sofia – the most developed, perspective and fun or the biggest, noisy and fast paced city in Bulgaria? Or maybe both? Depends on where you live and work. Because here, in Residential Park Sofia, you will find the peace, comfort and order that everybody yearns for their home – very close to the city and yet so far away from its vanity. Among the infinite greenery the gray city fades away and the glance and senses burst into blossom. In front of the wonderful view from the foot of Vitosha Mountains you indulge into the green hills and forget about all the noise and stress. The nature is all around and you could simply enjoy it by setting up a picnic on the freshly cut grass, carrying the sweet smell of a morning dew or taking a walk among the coolness and tranquility of the awakening from the birds singing day. You don’t have to go round cars, because they are hidden away in underground parking lots and there are just enough over ground parking spaces for your guests.  And while in Sofia, and not only, nostalgia settles in for the times when it was possible for the children to play outside until late evening and the parents didn’t have to worry about them, in Residential Park Sofia this is not a nostalgia, but a reality. And they – the children of Residential Park Sofia, are becoming more and more, as many young families are choosing their home to be here, because they highly appreciate the beauty, safety and comfort of the environment and want to give their kids one happy and care-free childhood. Whether on the children’s playground or on the football field, on the benches among the greenery or at the barbecue – the relaxation and the fun are guaranteed for both young and grown-ups. The understanding between the neighbors and the united community in the complex, which have become such a rarity these days, here is revived. The Investor, Residential Park Sofia, takes care not only to introduce their customers to their new home, but also to make their dreams and longings for the old family atmosphere and comfort come true. Whether for the Children's day and Drawing day, or for Christmas and Halloween - the party is a must, the games are joyful and funny, and the atmosphere – one of happiness and satisfaction with the newly created home and the choice made.

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Residential Park Sofia consists of a variety of single, multifamily and row houses, offering residential units sizing from 80 to 370 m2.