Dental center St. Antipa in Sofia Park is now open!


Dr. Vyara Popova’s new Dental Centre St. Antipa is now open and you can visit it in Building 16D of the Commercial area in residential complex Sofia Park Visit. The center also employs Dr. Gamev - surgeon and Dr. Talalaeva - children dentist.

The long experience of the team shows that only the good relationship and trust between patient and doctor can lead to the desired results. That is why dental center “St. Antipas” has invested in their high qualifications, modern equipment and professionalism. The dentist office has an X-ray for panoramic dental images as well as materials and technology of the latest generation, through which a wide range of dental services and medical treatment are provided. In the New Year a contract execution with the National Health Insurance Fund is imminent.

The children will be registered for regular medical check-ups at the center, which includes an early diagnosis and prevention for the corresponding age. The regular screenings and all activities, related to the good oral hygiene care, correcting bad habits and medical orthodontic miogymnastic for the children will be free.

The team of “St. Antipas” will help you get over the eternal fear from your dentist and will provide you with comfort and convenience.

You can get more information on 02/482 86 24 and 0888 196 876.