The first Community Christmas of Residential Park Sofia


The date is 17 December 2008, the time around 5 p.m.

The place of the event is Princess Outlet Center.

The atmosphere swells with friendliness, impatience and burning curiosity.

Why this?

On the eve of the warmest family holiday Christmas the owners of a secure home in Residential Park Sofia will experience the community spirit of the complex celebrating together the first Community Christmas of Residential Park Sofia.

Why Community Christmas?

Because Residential Park Sofia unites and brings closer its residents not only as neighbors, but also links them with common aims, endeavors and high living standards.

This Christmas party will enable the future residents to get to know their neighbors and to discover their new friends in them.

The bowling hall is brightly decorated; pleasant music is played. Smiling aids of Santa Claus, Snow-maidens and Dwarf-maidens, welcome guests of all ages, from the very small, 4 – 5 months’ old babies, to radiant venerable ladies and gentlemen. The charming team Robin Kafaliev and Maza (from “À la minute”) guarantee an evening full of wonderful surprises, teases and entertainment. On this background, the variety of sport tournaments, bowling, air hockey, mini basketball, darts, table football and billiard offer the opportunity to everybody looking for sport achievements and having adventurous spirit and will to win to measure their strengths.

The greeting words lined with a dose of humour and merry mood at the opening of the First Community Christmas of Residential Park Sofia infuse indispensable combating energy in the guests. The spirits rise when Maza introduces the team of aids to Santa Claus who will play the referees in the tournaments, will control the game and incite the participants.

The start signal has been blown!

The kids (up to 5 years old), for whom all new things in life represent a challenge, are fully taken up by the seductions in the children’s hall abundant of playing equipment – springing trampoline, carousels, swings, cars, mini basketball, air hockey, auto and horse racing simulators, automates for chasing toys, etc.

They are all in full swing!

In front of them the adults seem to be the most timid guests who need somewhat encouragement so as to measure their forces in the tournaments. The motivation is strong; the golden medals, that await the winners, are not to withstand. Every detail has been thought about: the stairs of honour, the medals with the tricolor band and the acclamations. We witness spontaneous emotion and genuine joy of the adults who had turned into kids and enter a friendly duel of air hockey, mini basketball, bowling or darts with their neighbour.

After the competition has gone off under the playful comments of Robin and Maza, who have felt themselves into the role of sport commentators, the long-looked-for magic moment for the kids comes on, the meeting with Santa Claus. The little naughty boys and girls meet the smiling Santa Claus in the lobby and jump cheerfully waiting impatiently to touch him. Their parents who are not less impatient, are waiting also. Every child can talk to Santa Claus and get the desired gift.

Presents and awards, awards and presents in a holiday rotation of emotions, high spirits, laugh and joy!

It comes to “Dancing stars”, the challenge of the dancing stage, unlashing of the feelings and willingness for motion and emotions! On the stage there are the young and the not so young, men, women and children of talent and desire to dance…

They are all positively minded, contented with the nice moments they lived together and gleeful with the friendships they tied during the competitions.

Residential Park Sofia wishes to have its residents always so happy and even happier and united, friends and neighbors in the secure environment of the complex.