According to the basic parameters of the master plan a low density of construction is expected - 20% of the total area. The other 80% are occupied with a network of picturesque streets, among which are formed charming neighborhoods with inner green areas, pedestrian and bicycle alleys and parks for recreation. Distinctive marks for the buildings in the Park are the low - rise buildings up to three storeys.

Phase I of "Sofia Park" cover approximately 380 residential units in the residential and commercial areas, including a rich variety of small and large apartments in multifamily houses, row and single - family houses. 

Phase 2 is an extension of Phase 1 and consists of 6 multifamily houses with a total of 36 apartments and 19 one-family houses. 

The construction of the so-called Phase 3A is currently underway and will consist of 18 single-family houses 1 multi-family house with 12 apartments. It is due to be completed in 2018.

With the commissioning of the last Phase 3B the complex will be fully built and completed.