Commercial area

Safety and comfort is of utmost importance at Residential Park Sofia. Well thought-out infrastructure and Professional Property Management Services ensure the environment is not only maintained and cleaned at all times, but also developed and enhanced to provide the necessary conditions for a unique community lifestyle to settle.

The nicely arranged residential neighborhoods are complemented by the Commercial area – neighborhood 16, and the office spaces in Sofia Park.

The Commercial area with its 3400 sq.m. of commercial space is an attractive destination with great development potential. It is designed for attendance of the individuals that work or live in Sofia Park. The distribution of the buildings is simplified and functional. They are situated within diverse land shaft in the foot of VitoshaMountain.

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The Commercial Area is a unique addition to the complex, aiming to provide an optimal combination of services:supermarket, drug store - pharmacy, dry cleaners, dental center, post office, beauty salon, places for eating - restaurants and cafes; sport and recreation facilities - swimming pool, fitness, massages, souna and basketball pitch, full time kindergarten, offices, 20 parking lots and underground parking.

For more information, please visit the brochure of the Commercial area of Residential Park Sofia.